Three Essential Tips for Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy


If you are planning on having a child, you will need to prepare your body adequately for pregnancy. In an ideal situation, conception should occur immediately after you stop using your chosen form of contraception. However, this is not always the case. Often, a lot of time is required to ensure that the conception of a baby is successful. If you have been trying for a while without success, you should think about taking some crucial steps to make certain that your body is ready. Here are some simple tips to help you improve the probability of getting pregnant.

Plan for a Check-up

You should consult your gynaecologist if you are planning to have a baby. This is particularly important if you have not been successful after trying for some time. The check-up will help you determine if your body is in a good state for conception. In some cases, natural conception is not possible due to poor health or even genetic factors. In other situations, there might be external problems contributing to your delayed conception. For instance, some medications you are using might be acting as contraception. The appointment with your gynaecologist should shed some light.

Understand the Options

It is important to understand your options for having a baby, depending on your physical condition. In simple terms, if your chances of conceiving naturally are low, you might want to know your alternatives. You can choose to persist along with your partner and keep trying while making changes to your lifestyle and improving your health. Alternatively, you can opt for in-vitro fertilisation. This process involves extracting the eggs and sperms and combining them in a lab. Then, the formed embryo is implanted. This IVF procedure might be for you if the natural probability is not high.  

Monitor Your Period

If you are planning on promoting the occurrence of natural conception, then you must ensure that you are taking advantage of your ovulation days. This means that you should keep an eye on the menstrual cycle. If your period is regular, you should have no problem with tracking your ovulation. However, if the cycle is irregular and the interval changes constantly, you might have difficulties in determining the ovulation period. If this is the case, consider purchasing an ovulation kit, which will help you know with certainty and plan accordingly.

Finally, you should think about making healthier lifestyle choices regardless of the chosen conception method. Choose nutritious foods, and cut back on caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.


26 March 2019

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