Why you should book a cruise that offers on-board physiotherapy services


If you're looking to take a cruise in the upcoming months, consider one that has physiotherapists on-board. These professionals will help you enjoy a healthier, relaxing cruise while above water.

Physiotherapists do much more than just offer massages. They also handle muscle injuries, kinesiology and pathology-related issues. This is why many cruise ships hire physiotherapists to provide on-board services to their guests.

Wondering how physiotherapy will make your cruise more exciting? Read on to find out.

Keep your body relaxed as you unwind

Cruise ships have many different activities for their guests. You'll find yourself playing indoor sports, enjoying an afternoon swim and even going on an excursion along various beaches. Such physical activity can cause your muscles to become tense, especially if you're not used to being physically active.

But with a physiotherapist on board, you will enjoy timely and quality massage sessions that can relieve muscle tension. Having a physiotherapist on board is one of the best ways of remaining relaxed. These professionals work on the neck, back, legs and arms to keep you active and healthy for the duration of the cruise.

Have any injuries treated effectively

As you explore a rocky beach area or a nearby mountain (during an excursion), you may turn your ankle, twist your wrist or even hyper-extend your thigh muscles. Luckily, a cruise ship with physiotherapists on board will ensure that such injuries are treated as soon as possible.

Muscle injuries may limit your movement and make your cruise ship experience much less enjoyable. With timely treatment, your muscles will receive many different types of massage therapy so as to heal faster. Physiotherapists on cruise ships can provide deep tissue massages, injury treatment massages, Swedish massages and much more.

Receive additional fitness services

Physiotherapists who work on cruise ships wear multiple hats. This means that they can offer fitness exercises such as yoga, Zumba, meditation and much more. These classes are fun and provide opportunities for socialising with other guests. Inquire with your cruise ship service about the fitness classes that may be available.

Learn more about personal health and self-care

Finally, physiotherapists on cruise ships also offer valuable advice regarding personal health. They can help you figure out a healthy diet that's supported by timely exercises. If, for example, you frequently have muscle soreness, back pain or other similar conditions, the physiotherapist on duty can help you find relief during and after the cruise.

Reach out to physios near you to learn more about their services.


23 May 2019

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