Why You Should Never Underrate Your Gum Health

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For a good number of people, dental care means paying attention to the hygiene and condition of their teeth. While your teeth, granted, are a crucial element of your oral health, your gums play just as an important role too! Without your gums, your teeth would not be secure in place and this would lead to a host of other dental problems. Nonetheless, some individuals may be under the impression that as long as they are brushing their teeth then their gums will be in good health. The reality is that your gums need specialised care to ensure that food particles, plaque and other contaminants are not left unchecked. This piece highlights a couple of reasons why you should never underrate your gum health.

Ailing gums are physically agonising

Many people tend to put their dental health at the back burner until pain motivates them to see a dentist. However, by the time your gums are causing you incredible pain, it means that you have a serious issue on your hands. When gum health is neglected, it is only a matter of time before bacteria starts to fester in the gums and progressively spread. As the bacteria eat into your gums, it leads to inflammation that will steadily get worse over time. If you are not seeking medical attention when your gums are inflamed, you allow the issue to become aggravated and this leads to swelling and even bleeding. Your gums can then develop abscesses that will become infected and you may soon notice pus oozing from your gums. To prevent all these subsequent symptoms, you should engage in rigorous gum cleaning and visit a dentist if you notice anything out of the norm.

Diseased gums can lead to additional health problems

A surprising reason why gum health is crucial for your wellbeing is that it can lead to a host of additional health problems that could have a detrimental impact on your life. Some people tend to think that if their gums are infected, then it is only their gums that they need to worry about. But this is untrue. If your gums are deteriorating, it is only a matter of time before other organs in your body will be negatively affected too. For instance, any bacteria making their way through the abscesses in your gums can also make their way into your bloodstream. As the bacteria travel through the bloodstream, they then have a chance of infecting your heart since this organ is responsible for pumping your blood through your body in the first place! You also become at risk of system health conditions such as respiratory disease.


18 July 2019

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