How the Latest Hearing Aids Are Difficult to Detect

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If you've been finding it difficult to hear any conversations recently, or if you may have had to ask people to repeat themselves more often than you'd like, then it may be time for you to think about hearing aid options. Of course, nobody wants to broadcast the fact that they may be hard of hearing, and you may be worried that people will see you wearing a bulky hearing aid. Yet technology has come to your rescue today, and you may now be able to take advantage of a tiny hearing aid which fits behind the ear and is very difficult to detect. What should you consider?

Understanding the Device

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids have been around for some time, but they have become progressively smaller over the months and years. In fact, the micro devices available today are very small and difficult to detect when they are in place.

These devices are made up of three different parts. The micro shell (which fits behind the ear) includes the battery and the electronics, together with the microphone. A plastic tube connects this piece to a tiny earpiece, which fits within the ear.


When a sound is detected by the microphone, it is converted from sound waves into an electrical signal that is sent to the amplifier. This will then increase the power of the signal and send the output through the tube to the ear.


Micro devices are typically meant for those who are suffering from relatively mild to moderate hearing loss, while you may also be able to take advantage of models that have volume control or that may be programmable. The good news is that many hearing aids today are Bluetooth equipped so that you can connect them to your smartphone or another device.


Once you have been fitted with this type of hearing aid, it is remarkable how quickly you can adapt. Those who wear glasses find that they can deal with the new aid without issue, and you can even shower with the hearing aid in place, should you wish. However, it is best to remove before doing so, just in case.

Finding Your Solution

Talk with your healthcare provider and tell them about your worries. They will be able to advise you of the best micro BTE device for your needs so you can return to social circles without any further worry.

Reach out to a micro BTE hearing aid provider to learn more.


31 August 2019

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