An Abridged Explanation Of What You Should Know About A Prepaid Funeral


Nobody wants to think of his or her immortality. But if you have loved ones, whether a spouse, children or even family members that you are supporting, you would want to ensure that they will not suffer excessively once you pass on. Thus, you have probably sat down with an estate lawyer and come up with a will. However, have you considered a prepaid funeral? As the name implies, this is choosing to pay for your funeral arrangements while you are still alive.

Nonetheless, that is an oversimplified interpretation since prepaid funerals offer more than simply having your funeral costs catered to. To give you a better understanding of this arrangement, here is an abridged explanation of what you should know about a prepaid funeral.

How does one go about paying for a prepaid funeral?

Opting for this type of funeral arrangement is not merely about paying your preferred funeral home the money you have at hand. Instead, it entails having an in-depth conversation with the funeral director of your choice. This dialogue will cover an array of elements regarding your sendoff, such as how you would prefer your remains to be laid to rest, the kind of funeral service you prefer, the religious beliefs you have and so on. 

Is a prepaid funeral fiscally beneficial?

When it comes to overall funeral expenses, you will find that a prepaid funeral will be much more affordable for your pocket for a couple of reasons. For starters, you get to plan a funeral with the current market price. What this means is that irrespective of what choices that you make for your farewell, you can rest assured that the price that you have agreed upon with the funeral director will not be adjusted in future due to inflation. If you consider this in the grand scheme of things for someone that gets to live for decades more, you will save on hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The second reason why a prepaid funeral will be cheaper for your bank account is that you get to pay for it in instalments. Most funeral directs will have contracts in place regarding a payment plan. Thus, instead of putting down a lump sum while you are making the arrangements, you could pay off your funeral over an extended period. This option can take a massive burden off the shoulders of your loved ones since they will not have to foot the bill once you pass on.

For more information on prepaid funerals, contact a funeral home.


22 October 2019

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