How Physiotherapy Can Improve Your Wellbeing


Physical therapy treatments are focused on maximising the quality of an individual's life and movement possibilities. Also known as physiotherapy, physical therapy is a health profession in which experts assess, diagnose and treat individuals through physical means.

Physiotherapy has been proven to not only help develop but also maintain and restore maximum movement in individuals struggling with certain health conditions and even disabilities. Doctors might recommend physiotherapy to help reduce pain, improve joint movement and restore mobility and flexibility, among other things.

Below are more benefits of physiotherapy:

Ease Back Muscle Pain

Physiotherapy is a wide discipline with many treatments to choose from. A couple of manual manipulation sessions combined with particular exercises could be all you need to heal your back pain. Some physiotherapists might also incorporate the use of either cold or heat on the affected areas to ease the pain.

Physiotherapy is known to strengthen muscles, improving their functionality. Therefore, it can be used to treat back pain effectively, eliminating any chances of recurrences. In most cases, exercise given by physiotherapist end up being more effective in treating back pain as compared to certain prescription painkillers. However, let your doctor decide what treatment would be best for your back pain. Sometimes you could need one over the other or a combination of both exercise and drugs.

Improve Fitness

It is important to stay fit, even if you suffer from a chronic disease such as arthritis. Most arthritis patients are afraid that exercising could increase their pain or even cause further damage to the affected joints. However, the opposite is true. Your muscles and joints will get weak over time if not used frequently. This will cause your joints to become unstable, reducing your ability to move around.

Exercise is important for people with arthritis as they still need to maintain a healthy weight and their mobility as well. A therapist will recommend certain techniques and exercise to help improve the mobility of your joints, depending on the strength of the muscles.

Treat Brain and Nerve Issues

Diseases such as cerebral palsy can make victims suffer from stiffness or even paralysis. Physiotherapy can be used to improve muscle responsiveness in individuals suffering from the same.  

Also, physiotherapy can be used to improve movement in individuals whose limbs wasted away after an injury. Some facilities also use physical therapy to improve balance, restoring the normal posture of patients who have been affected by a stroke. Doctors also recommend physiotherapy as a remedy for brain and spinal cord injuries.


10 December 2019

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