IBS: How Your Medical Centre Can Support You

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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic condition that causes regular digestive discomfort and can leave you feeling fatigued. The pain often experienced by IBS sufferers can make it difficult to stay in work, make plans and enjoy social activities. As a result, mental health can often deteriorate and sufferers may feel there's no hope of feeling better. IBS tends to be diagnosed by a gastroenterologist, and your GP will refer you to your local hospital for diagnosis.

19 July 2022

Sleep Hygiene Tips for Battling Insomnia

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Many people find that they have the occasional poor night of sleep. But when those occasions turn into regular occurrences, your daily life could suffer. Suffering from insomnia can increase your risk of anxiety and depression. It may also affect your ability to participate in certain activities. As well as seeing your GP for help, you may want to try these simple sleep hygiene tips. Balance Your Bedtimes Your brain's circadian rhythm partly relies on consistency to function.

25 February 2022