3 Ways A Physiotherapist Can Help Postnatal Diastasis Recti

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During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch and your linea alba muscles, which is the band that runs right down the centre of your abdomen, can separate. This separation is called diastasis recti and doesn't tend to resolve on its own. You can develop diastasis recti in your first pregnancy, but it's more common in women who've had more than one pregnancy. Classic signs of diastasis recti include lower back pain and having a tummy bulge that can make you look pregnant when you're not.

29 December 2020

Essential Elements to Consider Before Undergoing Laser Prostate Surgery

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The number of people diagnosed with prostate cancer is increasing significantly, necessitating timely intervention measures. Novel treatment options are available, ranging from invasive to non-obtrusive laser surgeries. Due to the complexity of the technologies involved, many patients don't know the best option to pursue when facing the knife. Here are a few factors to guide you or someone you know on the most appropriate solutions. 1. Size As with any other tumour, size has a direct bearing on the type of surgery to undergo.

16 July 2020

Understanding Peripheral Artery Disease

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Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a relatively common condition that impairs blood circulation due to plaque build-up forming along artery walls. This reduces blood flow to your limbs and is often a sign that you're at risk of developing related conditions, such as atherosclerosis. Here's an overview of the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment approach for PAD: Causes And Symptoms It's not always possible to determine why a person develops PAD, but there are some factors that are thought to increase your risk of developing this condition, such as smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.

27 February 2020

How Physiotherapy Can Improve Your Wellbeing


Physical therapy treatments are focused on maximising the quality of an individual's life and movement possibilities. Also known as physiotherapy, physical therapy is a health profession in which experts assess, diagnose and treat individuals through physical means. Physiotherapy has been proven to not only help develop but also maintain and restore maximum movement in individuals struggling with certain health conditions and even disabilities. Doctors might recommend physiotherapy to help reduce pain, improve joint movement and restore mobility and flexibility, among other things.

10 December 2019

An Abridged Explanation Of What You Should Know About A Prepaid Funeral


Nobody wants to think of his or her immortality. But if you have loved ones, whether a spouse, children or even family members that you are supporting, you would want to ensure that they will not suffer excessively once you pass on. Thus, you have probably sat down with an estate lawyer and come up with a will. However, have you considered a prepaid funeral? As the name implies, this is choosing to pay for your funeral arrangements while you are still alive.

22 October 2019

How the Latest Hearing Aids Are Difficult to Detect

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If you've been finding it difficult to hear any conversations recently, or if you may have had to ask people to repeat themselves more often than you'd like, then it may be time for you to think about hearing aid options. Of course, nobody wants to broadcast the fact that they may be hard of hearing, and you may be worried that people will see you wearing a bulky hearing aid.

31 August 2019

Why You Should Never Underrate Your Gum Health

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For a good number of people, dental care means paying attention to the hygiene and condition of their teeth. While your teeth, granted, are a crucial element of your oral health, your gums play just as an important role too! Without your gums, your teeth would not be secure in place and this would lead to a host of other dental problems. Nonetheless, some individuals may be under the impression that as long as they are brushing their teeth then their gums will be in good health.

18 July 2019